by Jess on May 9, 2014 · add comment

I try not to rant.  I really do.  I strive for happiness, positivity, and inspiration both in my life and my conversations. But I hope you’ll understand that I can’t hold my tongue in this moment. I will always, from the pit of my stomach, fight against human injustice. I will continue to stand for the empowerment of women and their right to an education. I refuse to look the other way as a child of any age, race, or gender, be deprived happiness.

My heart has grown increasingly heavy with each day these girls don’t return home. Think of all the minuscule, idiotic complaints you utter everyday while this sort of pain exists at this very moment. I encourage you to make your voices heard in ways that matter and spark change. Join my IATG group this Monday at 6:30pm if you’d like to join our conversation… and our movement for women’s empowerment.


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