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Invite all your wellness loving pals. And your caffeine loving pals. Your sweet tooth pals. Heck, invite all your pals.

This is gonna be a good party!




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To everyone trying to find their own commitment and connection to the practice: let it be easy. Know that stillness and breath more than just count. Soak up even a 5 minute stretch in your bed. Take a class at the studio with a friend when you can. Sip coffee while you practice. Sip wine after you practice. Take your pup for a walk and know that it’s yoga. Heck, belly laugh on the phone with your bestie and know that THAT’s yoga. It’s all yoga if you’re present. You’ve got this.




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Get Grounded

Come join us as we build our community and strengthen our practice!

Practice with us 10 times during “Get Grounded” for a chance to be gifted a brand new Jade Yoga Mat!


Show up like an Artist

by Jess on January 9, 2015 · add comment

I could spend my entire life doing all of my favorite things, yet they would matter little if I never connected with anyone.

I get lost creating. I become consumed assigning emotions to shapes and turning journal entries into titles. There are countless hours poured into each piece, numerous evenings that suddenly become early mornings spent working, and immeasurable moments of self doubt. To share these pieces? To stand beside them and say, “Hey world, these are my struggles, triumphs and fears” is the bravest I’ve ever been.

Artists are givers. They give an attempt at “finding the right words”. They give glimpses to what feelings look like. They give reassurance that, no, you are no alone. We need more of that in today’s world. We’re so plugged in, and yet so disconnected. We’re surrounded by instagram pictures of a delicious dinner and Facebook photos of honeymoons and vacations. But what about a black and white photo that tugs our heartstrings? We read statuses and group texts; but what about sonnets that make us cling more tightly to our loves? What about poems that help us understand grief? And we all know that some of the best songs are the honest and sad ones. (ummm helloooo Taylor Swift)!

There is so much beauty in our authentic moments. We offer so much compassion and empathy when we let our guards down. We radiate so brightly when we genuinely applaud ourselves. We create ripples that become waves when we put our real self forward.

What would it look like if we all showed up with the vulnerability of artists? What would it look like to say, “I created this.This is my truest, most authentic self and I want to share it with you so you know you aren’t alone”.