Chakra 2

by Jess on October 7, 2011 · add comment

I know I haven’t written about my chakra journey lately, but it is not for lack of soul searching.  It has been a slow process to unlock and open up this part of myself.  I have spent the last few weeks trying to really focus on daily bliss… to bask in those moments of the day that sometimes go unnoticed.  

Chakra 2 forced me to ask myself some heavy questions.  Do I deal with emotions?  Am I content?  Am I courageous enough to express myself?  These past few weeks have truly been a journey to strengthen my emotional identity and while I need to continue working and searching,  I am feeling ready to move forward with Chakra 3. 

But first… a much overdue trip to the beach.  ”Because without water.. growth is impossible”

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