How have the daily challenges been going for you guys?  If you’re late joining in, no worries!  Follow along with us on instagram for the rest of the month!  Anyways, Day 2’s challenge was to try something new, and for awhile now I’ve been wanting to reshape the way I structure my days.  I tend to make ridiculously long lists in my agenda, and then somehow manage to get upset if I don’t cross off every task.  Even worse, I don’t recognize how much of a miracle it is when I do finish everything on the list.

A friend of mine told me that instead of “to-do lists”, I should write “to-feel lists”.  Because that’s the ultimate goal right?  To feel accomplished and happy and grateful when your head hits the pillow?  So, here is my list.  It isn’t just for today, but I also don’t know how long it will stay relevant.  I’m sure it will flux and change just like any other list would.  Is this enough to remind me that I need to hit the bank, buy eggs at the grocery store, or send a thank you note to grandma?  Probably not.  But I’m looking forward to re-prioritizing.  I’m looking forward to mental breaks, good conversations, and more balance. (and shorter lists).

What did you try today?SAMSUNG

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