Finding Your Tribe

by Jess on October 25, 2014 · add comment

The word “tribe” has been crossing my path a lot lately; in fact I heard it twice today before 10am. So, it has me thinking…why? Why do I keep seeing and hearing this word?

What is your tribe? Do you have one? Is it a sports team? Is it a girl gang? Is it your lunch table? A sales team? I’ve realized that my tribe is full of yogis, artists, givers, tough chicks, passion pursuers, writers, and activists. Your tribe members don’t need to all be the same.  You don’t have to have the same hobbies or the same sense of style.  Don’t stress- you don’t even have to have coordinating halloween costumes. You do, however, have to show up for each other. You have to be honest and trustworthy. You have to stick to your promises- especially the pinkie promises. And a theme song never hurts.  So.. who is your tribe?  Let them know. 540d4fb378bf38333d08b51bf45453dd

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