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This. This is going on my bathroom mirror.  (That’s where I write the words that melt my heart… in lipstick… which ruins my lipstick.)  You all know that I have zero problems when it comes to kicking my own butt…. the gentleness is where I struggle.  But this  quote makes a good point- I’m doing the best that I can.  Those are the words I’m going to whisper to myself the next time I file a form incorrectly.  Or the next time I fall short on my to-do list.  Or the next time my words come out wrong.  I’m doing the best that I can.


Where can you offer yourself some gentleness?  I often hear people apologizing for not making it to yoga in awhile.  But each day is a new day, so forget the days you didn’t make it, and feel good for showing up.  Be kind to yourself, and you’ll give other people permission to do the same.



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