Tomorrow is September 16th, Keith’s birthday.  My heart, love, and understanding go out to all of you who miss him beyond words.  I am writing a day early because tomorrow I will be road tripping.  There is only one way I know how to spend Keith’s birthday…. with Live Music.  So tomorrow I will be venturing to Charlotte NC for the Incubus concert and I am very very very excited for the show.

Happy early birthday my love.  When I’m at the concert, eyes closed, swaying to the music, You know I will be thinking of you.  This is my present for you:

It’s times like these 

that I sit with my feet on the seat

and my chin on my knees

yes I am uneasy

And its things like these

that I write

and I still hope that you might play it back to me

When I’m angry and unruly 

you played it back and then it soothed me

Only you can do that to me

the only one who ever knew me

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