by Jess on August 10, 2011 · add comment

I apologize for not posting lately, but life has been moving at full speed and I am in no position to ask it to slow down.  To keep this post from being a novel, I will keep my description of my recent adventures short and sweet…..

1. A skim boarding competition turned into a revelation of my new dream career.  Soon after I purchased my own board. And soon after that I realized that I was crazy.

2.  Ice Cream. Lots. Of. Ice Cream.

3. My first ever trip to Durham.  I didn’t do much sight seeing but sometimes it is the traveling that makes the trip fun.

4. More meditation than I have ever done.  Learning discipline. Learning to cope. Just learning.

5.  Still working on that root chakra.  

Last but not least I attended a beautiful wedding in asheville. Pics are on the way!

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