Karma… the good kind

by Jess on September 3, 2014 · add comment

I believe in the goodness, neigh, the greatness of people.  I believe that when people see a way that they can spark change, make a difference, or be an influence- they do it.  I believe these things and I wanted to create more room for that.  So now, all of our regularly scheduled yoga classes will be pay-what-you-can.  Here is why:

1.  Your yoga donations will be what allows us to provide VERY low cost art and yoga classes to groups and organizations in need.

2.  Yoga shouldn’t be stressful.  Over drafting your checking account is stressful.  Pay what you can and finally put this conundrum to rest.

3.  We like Karma… the good kind.


If you know of a person, group, or organization that could benefit from discounted art and/or yoga classes, please send them our way!  We’d love to get them on our calendar!



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