by Jess on July 29, 2011 · add comment

Learning to love is like learning to play an instrument.  You have to practice and you have to practice often.  You must start slow.  When you first begin to play you will hit the wrong key, you will pluck the wrong string, and you will sing out of tune.  Your faults are inevitable.  The more you play the easier it becomes to make it further through the song without error.  The more you practice showing love and compassion the easier it is to understand the people in your life… including yourself.  

But you cannot constantly play the same song simply because you have mastered it.  You cannot be afraid to play again.  When it is time to learn a new song you must be brave enough to start over.  Learn from your mistakes and find the people who show you patience when you fumble.  

Never doubt how beautiful your song is, because it comes from your heart.

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