Life: a quick examination

by Jess on May 8, 2014 · add comment

If you follow my instagram then by now you have been made aware (and then constantly reminded) that I’m reading the I AM THAT GIRL book by Alexis Jones.  This. book. is. ahhmazing.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy.  I’d let you borrow mine, but it’s already filled with notes, folded pages, and florescent yellow scribbles.  It’s honestly blinding to look at.

But back to the point… there is a section in the book where Alexis recommends examining life in the present moment.  She checks in with a list of questions a few times throughout the year.  I loved her little questionnaire so much that I got started right away.  I wanted to share a summarized version of my examination here on the blog.  Give it a try!  Wanting the in-depth version?  Buy a copy of the book!

What are you most proud of recently?  I’m most proud of my effort.  Effort in all areas: effort in compassion, understanding, entrepreneurship, honesty, vulnerability and financials .  I’ve been working hard to make accountability a top priority.  

What are you least proud of?  Sadness got the better of me in April.  

What did you learn in your least proud moment?  I learned that my heart is big. And because of that, I need to take better care of myself.  I need healthy foods, nights of sweet dreams, quiet moments, and some forgiveness toward myself.  

How can you inspire more of what you were most proud of?  It’s a bit of a cycle, honestly.  By taking better care of myself, I have more energy and compassion to send out to others.  I have to recharge in order to possess my favorite qualities.  


There were so many other great questions.  I hope you’ll take a look or maybe even develop your own list.  Happy introspection!

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