More Muchness

by Jess on July 16, 2014 · add comment

More adventure.

More slow moments.

More presence in work and play.

More wine.

More late night chats.

More fire.

More water.

More Muchness.


This lady recently moved in and has been filling my house with giggles and good vibes.


Oh and PS… remember when I said that I was struggling to find the energy to fully settle in to my house?  Well… look at this fabulous kitchen!  Next up.. living room.


PPS…  Sara and I are tracking our adventures while she is here using our hashtag #24hrwomen.  We’re getting real.  #24hrwomen is our way of saying “I might not always be glamorous, I might not always be in a good mood, I might not always meet your expectations of what a gal should be… but I’m always a badass.”  Keep up with our hashtag, or even use it yourself when you’re out with gal friends, rocking some authentic confidence, and being beautyFULL.

xoxo Jess

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