More Muladhara

by Jess on July 20, 2011 · add comment

I have spent a solid month plus some change working through my root chakra.  I have surrounded myself with family and my closest of friends and I am reminded of how much love and support is in my life.  I have meditated on my physical identity, my roots, and  I am awakening my resting energy.  

The last step before moving up the chakra system is my flower garden.  Ever since my California trip it has been a mess!  However I feel that I cannot move away from my root chakra while my flowers are in need of some tlc.  Wish me luck!

By the way… How are your roots???  

“Without deep roots, your tree will not grow tall.  Without an anchor, you have no stability.” -Anodea Judith

“You have to push down in order to rise up” -Anodea Judith

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