by Jess on August 25, 2011 · add comment

Ok so after our drum circle and goodwill hunting you would think we would spend Sunday resting and relaxing.  Not a chance.  We had vegan brunch at Laughing seed… yum.  Then we ventured out of downtown area over to the Biltmore side of things.  The only problem was that we couldn’t afford any of the shopping over in that area so we settled for a break to have tea in Chelsea’s tea room.  It was so girly and fun!  Then we hot the Blue Ridge parkway to do some exploring.  It was a perfect day to cruise the mountains.  We had windows down and music blaring.  

After spending the day driving and exploring we were ready for our big dinner of the trip.  (Are you impressed by how much we can eat?)  We headed to Mellow Mushroom… a must on every annual road trip of ours.  The pizza was great like always.  It was even better because we knew our trip was winding down so we were buzzing with excitement to make the most of our last night.  We were nowhere near ready for our last night to be over so we hit the Chocolate Lounge for a late night sweet session. Truffles and cookies galore.  After that we needed to burn of some serious calories so we walked downtown and hopped from live band to live band and soaked up all the music.

The next day was sad as we packed and left.  We will definitely be back Asheville!  The Reedy Roadtrip 2011 was a huge success!!

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