Resident Artist: Hayden Reedy

by Jess on March 9, 2018 · add comment

I know I’m a bit biased, but I think our Summer Resident Artist is a dreamboat! The Reedy family is spilling over into the Pineapple family yet again as my cousin, Hayden Reedy joins us for a summer of plant workshops. Using his expertise, we’ll be diving into the visual AND functional sides of our local/native plants.

To get to know him better, here are a few words from HayHay:

Hello to all! If greetings were spoken as emotions mine would be grinning from ear to ear. My name is Hayden Reedy, I am a lover of many things but for this summer, I’m celebrating my passion for Horticultural/Agricultural.
I was born in the southeast corner of Virginia on a beautiful cotton, peanut, and cattle farm. Starting out on the farm is where my love for all things that grown began. Whether it be an early April blooming peony or a late summer field full of buttercups, I am equally in love with both. From there my roots spread rapidly into many different aspects of Agricultural.
After working for the family farm, I started out at a greenhouse company in the vibrant city of Richmond, Va. This company taught me one key lesson: even a concrete jungle provides a canvas for growth to emerge. I spent three good years there mainly dealing with the horticultural side of plants; from building outdoor gardens, planting rows of flowers beds, to turning indoor spaces into vibrant works of art full of plants.
From the Piedmont of Virginia, I moved into the beautiful divide of the Appalachian Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway, to the good ole’ town of Blacksburg, Va. I delved into organic sustainability gardening/farming, and boy did my heart swell. Sustaining food systems while planting and reaping the harvest, are some of the best thing I have done with these dirt stained hands.
I am beyond ecstatic to be on the N.C. coast for the summer. I will be hosting some kick ass plant workshops alongside Jess Reedy at Pineapple Studios. Details to come! Come bring your heart, your soul, your inspiration, and let’ s make it grow even bigger. Xoxo -Hay

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