Seeing the beauty

by Jess on April 4, 2014 · add comment

I’m not too cool to admit that I love pinterest.  Sometimes I’m searching productively for inspiration and how-to videos to help me with my pottery.  Other times I become consumed perusing the beautiful images, and before long I feel homesick for change.  I become desirous for places I’ve never been, outfits I don’t own, and accomplishments I haven’t reached.  And don’t even get me started on the amazing yoga photos!

But our daily lives are equally as beautiful if we are just willing to look for it.  We don’t have to be lounging on an island to have a photo-worthy day.  I live an awesome life and so do you.  Take pride and excitement in it! Photograph it so you can look back later and reminisce about places you HAVE been, outfits you DO own, and accomplishments you DID reach.

This weekend I plan to sort through my pinterest account and give it a healthy make-over.  I’ll consider it part of my spring cleaning.  I’m prioritizing the images that motivate and inspire me and deleting the things that leave me feeling envious.  And to top it all off, I’ll create a board of my own life and fill it with the beautiful images and experiences I’m blessed with each day.  Anyone care to join me?


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