by Jess on August 7, 2012 · add comment

Since I am a recent college grad I cannot shake the feeling that the world is my oyster.  (Whatever that means).  I’ve made a promise with myself to experience everything.  So lately I have been busy camping, kayaking, and even researching organic skincare.  My most recent adventure was fishing on a boat.  I went on a 140 mile quest through the Pamlico Sound searching for Tarpon and Red Drum.  Although I have to admit,  I was mostly searching for mermaids.  I didn’t catch any fish which was probably a good thing because I might have cried.  But I did reel in 2 skates whom I was happy to release back into the water to their families.  It was a great day being out on the boat and I am looking forward to another boat day soon!

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