Spring Motivation

by Jess on April 3, 2014 · 2 Comments

I started my “labor of love affair” with Pineapple Studios August 2013.  I wasn’t living in Wilmington full time at that point, so I would road trip here for long weekends spent painting, designing, and bringing the space to life.  I officially moved here in October, but I’ve still yet to get settled.  At the time, I was putting so much love and attention into the studio, that I didn’t have the energy or passion to keep working when I got home.  And so my house fell to the wayside.

Let me be a bit more blunt- my house is a mess.  I get bogged down and tired the moment I walk through the door.  Your home should invite you to rest and relax.  And for me- it’s important for my home to make me feel inspired and creative.  But right now my house just puts off a “eat dinner in your bed while watching gossip girl on netflix” vibe.

So I’m changing all that.  I want to look forward to going home.  I want to create a space that invites me to make myself some tea and do a little writing.  Or a place that I feel comfortable inviting friends over last minute, because I know that my home is a reflection of me.

What are you feeling motivated to do as the weather gets warmer?  What are those life changes that need to be made to help you feel healthier and happier?  How can we help each other stay motivated?

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