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by Jess on October 28, 2014 · add comment

I’m turning 26 in a few weeks. Birthdays, like New Years, seem to stir up a bit of inward reflection. Today I found myself journaling a list of quirky characteristics that by this point, are probably here to stay. I think if I haven’t outgrown them yet, I’m probably not gonna.

1. I don’t have much interest in feeling content.

2. I never make my bed in the morning. And if I’m being really honest, I often sleep on a bare mattress with pillowcase-less pillows and a comforter. And top sheets feel like a death trap.. if I wanted to feel like I lived in a slice of pita bread then I would build a cocoon.

3.  My dance skills are pathetic but I dance anyway. And I snap my fingers while I move like a grandpa.

4. I consider melted peanut butter to be a suitable “sauce” for pasta.

5.  I often go half of my day before realizing that my shirt is on backwards.

6.  I fumble my words at the worst and most embarrassing moments.

7.  Someone should probably force me to take a daily nap.

7.5 Because I often decide that a lack of sleep is good for my “creative process” and so I stay awake for several consecutive days.  I should
stop doing it, but it works, so I don’t.

8.  I could be the poster child for “hangry”


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