by Jess on June 25, 2011 · add comment

Today is my first day back on the east coast and I already miss that California weather.  My last day in Coronado was a busy one.  I took a long morning walk around the Island to make sure I had officially covered every inch.  I took one last nap on the golden coast and a final dip in the pacific.  I hit up the Emerald City surf shop on my walk back to the hotel and splurged on some organic apparel because I was desperate to show my support to this local surf shop.  The locals filled me in the back story.. apparently the owner of Emerald City had grown up on the island and was always being nagged for doing nothing but surfing.  People always assumed he would wind up doing nothing with his life, but instead he still surfs everyday but just so happens to own an amazingly successful surf shop on the side.  

An even better bit of island history is the reasoning for the name “Emerald City”.  It turns out that L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, was a frequent visitor to Coronado.  He was so in love with the island that he drew inspiration from the town when describing Emerald City.

After a busy day me and the ladies got all dolled up and went to The Hotel Del.  This was by far the most glamorous establishment I have ever set foot in.  I am still not sure how to put this hotel into words.  I was even more in love with it when I learned that it is where Marilyn Monroe filmed “Some Like it Hot.”  Our night concluded with a fancy dinner at The Brigantine, a local hotspot.  The food was delicious and a perfectly filling ending to a perfectly fulfilling trip.

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