by Jess on June 22, 2011 · add comment

Today was action packed.  We woke up early and headed over the bridge and into San Diego.  Our original idea was to hit the San Diego swap meet but apparently it is only held on weekends. So instead we decided to walk down Ocean Blvd and do a little window shopping and site seeing.  I loved the atmosphere of OB because there were surfers and skaters everywhere you turned, mexican restaurants galore, and edgy shopping.  The beach was packed with surfers and their audiences.  After several hours of walking and exploring we all headed back to the hotel for some lazy pool time before the evening began.

I feel so blessed and gracious for the evening I just had.  I was invited to dinner with an amazing group of women and I am just so filled with love as I write this.  Our dinner was a birthday celebration and our meal was a homemade mexican feast.  I spent hours toasting glasses, giggling to stories of their pasts, and hearing wonderful words of advice.  I felt as though I had been invited into the ya ya sisterhood.  This beautiful group of five women have been friends for 30 years and it was so much fun to see and hear what each of them lent to the friendship.  They are all so different from each other but when put together they make a whole.  They rely on each other and there was something about sitting at the table amongst them that made me feel like they had leant something to me as well, like a little void had been filled.

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