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by Jess on January 19, 2014 · add comment

We have lots of events on our calendar as we move into the end of January. First up is our I AM THAT GIRL chapter meeting on Monday 20th 6pm. This is an organization that pulled me in from the moment it was first presented to me. I knew I needed to be a part of it and I knew other girls needed to hear the same message. I’ll be leading our VERY FIRST chapter meeting this Monday and we will be discussing our goals for our local chapter and answering questions about I AM THAT GIRL. I invite every badass woman, college age and up, to join in on this movement. See ya Monday at 6pm!

Next up on our calendar is our Intro to the Potters Wheel series. I am so excited about this class! This class runs for 6 weeks (5 classes because we skip Valentines Day) and teaches the fundamentals for working on the wheel. This series will be taught by our Resident Artist, Lauren Rogers, who is an incredible teacher. You can find more info and register here:  Schedule

Feel free to swing by the studio to register for classes in person and you can always email me with any questions at pineapplestudios.jess@gmail.com



Our doors are open, our schedule is in full swing, and it’s time to start living a sweet life.

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