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Well our Asheville trip was jam packed so I will have to break the into multiple posts.  I should preface by saying that every year Sam and I go on a road trip and this year the destination was Asheville NC.  And it seems that each year our trips get more and more entertaining.  We had a blast… all we did was shop, eat, and embark on adventures.

Our first evening we got ourselves checked into the wonderful Bon Paul and Sharkey’s Hostel, and then we headed straight for downtown.  We were starving so we went to our closest restaurant which was Mayfel’s.  It was a lucky choice because the food was incredible.  I never knew I liked huevos rancheros but I am hooked!  We explored a little more, made a mandatory stop at Kilwin’s and decided to call it a night to rest up.

The next day started with a bang with no signs of slowing down.  Breakfast at Early Girl eatery, shop, shop, and then more shopping.  Rosettas Kitchen was a great place to take a load off and enjoy some great organic snacks.  The best part of our day was the Drum circle.  Anyone with a drum can join in and those without an instrument just get up and dance!  Needless to say this was right up our alley.  We met some crazy folks and dinner with a tourist such as ourselves.  The night was flawless.

The next day we started with breakfast at Green Sage which is hands down the best place I have EVER eaten.  Then I had the pleasure of visiting with an old friend and getting to see her clothing line and studio “Rhetorical Factory”.  Look her up! Her work is stunning!  After visiting her studio Bethany showed us around more of Asheville and introduced us to the goodwill outlet.  I still have no words to describe the experience.  But I can imagine it was something like meeting a unicorn.

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