by Jess on August 2, 2012 · add comment

Welp… we did it.  We camped.  And in the words of my sis Sam, “I’m glad we did that.  Now I can cross it off my list and NEVER do it again.”

Despite the excruciating heat, the rain shower that saturated the inside of our tent, and the slight disgust that comes from living on melted peanut butter and fluff,  I had a pretty good time on our trip.  I think my positive attitude was because I was really taking in this rare occasion… this was not just our annual road trip, this was the summer before Sam heads to college.  I was just happy to be on this trip..even though we were sunburned in a tent for 48 hours without any of the necessary provisions more experienced campers would have haha.  But in all seriousness we had an amazing dinner at Top Dog Cafe which is where our whole family used to eat every year when we would camp together. However back then we had a pop-up camper, something Sam and I missed dearly on this trip.  We also took a road trip all the way up the island to do some surf shop searching and sight seeing.  We pulled off the road to a public access area just in time to see the sun set and watch some windsurfers.  I can’t lie…. I had an amazing trip.

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