by Jess on June 20, 2011 · add comment

Yesterday was another great day in Coronado because  I started the day with yoga on the beach.  Yoga is the love of my life, but when you combine it with sand and a view of the ocean, I am home.  The class was basic and open to all levels but working in the sand gave it that little extra vigor that I wanted.  We ended class lying in the sand turning our focus inward.  As the group left I stayed put and enjoyed my entire day on the beach.

After yoga, beach, and showers for the whole gang, we all headed to Music in the Park and enjoyed a picnic style dinner.  I could not believe how the entire community, both tourists and locals, came together to make this weekly event happen.  There were easily 300 people in the park listening to live music and having fun with friends.  I met a great group of people and listened to all of their stories about growing up together.  I felt like I was in “The Sandlot”… I’m ecstatic to know these kinds of places still exist.

Happy Belated Fathers day!!!

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